Wednesday, 6 July 2011


These images are from a project I did a while ago at Uni, and was really my first attempt at a narrative-based series of illustrations. The idea of the project was to take random fragments of text from different sources, both fiction and non-fiction books, and stitch them together to create a loose narrative to base the images on. Initially I found this method of working quite daunting - not having a structured brief to use as a starting point, but as I got more involved with the project I found that it was in fact very liberating, especially as I'm not particularly confident about writing my own narratives. The form of the 'story' was naturally quite surreal so I could allow my illustrations to be really loose, working with inkblots, paint splashes and random doodles and just adding detail here and there. This was quite a therapeutic project for me, although what some of the images might say about my state of mind is possibly slightly disturbing...

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