Saturday, 25 June 2011

This is me...

Well here I am, finally got round to creating a blog, technology-neanderthal that I am! No doubt something will go horribly wrong...

Anyway here is my first post, purely because this is the most recent thing I have done and I know where the files are for the images so I don't have to trawl around looking for them! I did this image for the Cheltenham Illustration competition this year, the theme of which was "Tree Time Tales" (make of that what you will). I photographed the drawing in stages as a sort of progress diary, mainly to see how long it would take me to produce the final image... about 9 or 10 hours in total as it turned out, I lost track a little bit! So here is the complete process from start to finish, the image was drawn using Rotring fineliners with an ink image from an older project thrown in to add a bit of colour.

So there is the final image. Does it suit the theme? Who knows - it's all pretty subjective anyway I reckon.. more later xxx

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